The Bible to launch your dream business au Québec 

The current old school system does not prepare the new generation for the era we live in. It is time to teach today’s Quebec’s university students real life skills and give them the tools and knowledge to launch their on life projects and not end up stuck in the “Rat Race“.

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The best Quebec's young entrepreneurs give you all their cheap tips and tricks to sky rock your business TODAY

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After each chapter we go in depth the subject with 1-2 interviews with top Quebec's young entrepreneurs

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(Jf Brou) Through my journey of being an location independent digital entrepreneur I have met a lot of peers worldwide that I learned from on making it big time on this online word. Nowadays we don’t need book publishers to create a Bestseller. It is easy to market on a niche with amazon SEO and targeted Facebook mobile ads. On top of it we have the privilege to be advise by experts that succeed doing it many times.

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Lawyer, Founder of The Book Counselor. His clients sold 100 000+ books on Amazon.

Adam Clarke

Author of SEO 2017, the best selling book on the subject that has been sold over 100 000+ on Amazon.

Table of Content

1. The Idea

  1. The new business world 
  2. Business model canvas 
  3. Brand psychology 
  4. Branding, logo, colors, visuals
  5. Finding a co-founder 
  6. Learning from your niche market
  7. Building & Testing your product 
  8. Building a website, e-commerce, payments gateway
  9. SEO 
  10. Social Media

2. The Mindset

  1. Morning Routines 
  2. Visualization, vision, your WHY 
  3. Well-being, Workouts, Eating Healthy 
  4. Time & Energy Management, procrastination, decisions 
  5. Gratefulness, loving-kindness, happiness
  6. Meditation, Cold water exposure, breathing techniques
  7. Ego is the enemy 
  8. Indecision, doubt, fear, 5 seconds rule 
  9. Self-development 
  10. Introspection

3. The Start

  1. Love money, entrepreneurial contest, loans 
  2. Crowdfunding
  3. Entrepreneurial Support au Québec 
  4. Coworking spaces, wifi coffee, Incubators 
  5. Finding a Lawyer, Registering a Legal Status
  6. Accredited Accountant, Financial Statements
  7. Revenu Québec, Taxes & Legal status
  8. Cloud Tools to run your business
  9. Building an Advisory Board
  10. Vision, Mission, Company culture 
  11. Hiring employees & freelancers
  12. Networking 

4. Facing Hardship

  1. Having no support
  2. Failing, mistakes and moving on 
  3. The Entrepreneurial Depression 
  4. Dealing with bad clients, refunds, bad online ratings
  5. Formal Notice, Legal Battles, out of court deals 
  6. Strong Competition
  7. Grinding for 5 to 10 years

5. The Growth

  1. Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing 
  2. Experiential Marketing 
  3. Influencer Marketing 
  4. Sales 
  5. Business Development & sponsorship 
  6. Public Relation & personal branding 
  7. Building & managing a team 
  8. Venture Capitals & Investors 
  9. Expansion
  10. International Development France-Quebec 

6. The Exit

  1. Closing your company, business bankruptcy, personal bankruptcy
  2. Hiring a CEO
  3. Selling your company, merging, transferring it to new owners 
  4. Selling to a big corporation
  5. Doing an IPO
  6. Fame, recognition, cyber-security

7. Digital Nomad/Location independent entrepreneurs

  1. Travel while building your online business 
  2. Shopify Dropshipping with AliExpress 
  3. Digital nomad retreats
  4. Pros & Cons of this lifestyle 
  5. Best cities to experience this lifestyle 
  6. Offshore banks, e-residency 
  7. 1 billion Digital Nomads by 2035 

8. Entrepreneurship

  1. Entrepreneurial initiatives in Montreal & Canada 
  2. Women Entrepreneurs 
  3. Best Movies & Documentaries to watch
  4. The best articles & books to read 
  5. Best webinars/online training to buy 
  6. Best conferences worldwide to attend
  7. Mentors/Coach 
  8. Inspirational people, media, videos

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