The Pocket Dream Book Every Quebec’s Young Entrepreneurs Should Do

By 18 July 2017Non classé



I have always been a big fan of visualization since I first saw the famous documentary “The Secret” couple of years ago. I know it’s a very controversial documentary but It’s mainly because they over sale the idea like it’s a magic pill. But when you realize this documentary was inspired by the world famous top bestseller Think and Grow Rich which is Bob Proctor’s bible that he carry everywhere, you understand more the whole thing. The main idea behind the documentary is the Law of Attraction. Google it and you’ll realize that almost all successful people are using it in their own way. You even probably heard of it many time, but it’s not as easy as it seems to be in “The Secret”. The key is to build a strong daily habit around it and like everything in life it takes 21 days straight to build an habit and 90 days straight to build a lifestyle. 

In 2012, I started to put up a visualization board in my room and put photos on it like suggested in the secret. Over the years, it wasn’t enough for me to reach my main dreams. So two years ago, I decided to turn this visualization board into a pocket dream book that I could plan and classify better my dreams. The beauty of it is that I could carry it with me everyday. It took me 1 months of work to pull it together as a side project, but as I put so much love into it, at the end, it made me see my dreams more clearly, to then believe them more strongly, to achieve them relentlessly. Today I achieve approximately 70-80% of this first yearly pocket dream book and i’m building my second one at the moment.

You too can create this pocket dream book and live a life with purpose. Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Buy the nicest pocket book

To create your own Dream Book, you need to buy one that you love and can fit in your pockets nicely. Shop at any art and craft or dollar store and get something sturdy that can last over the years. It would be best if it has a hard cover and look visually appealing. Don’t hesitate to spend $10-$20 for it, the more time and money you put on it, the more committed you are and that’s the key. You need to be committed to it EVERYDAY.

Step 2 – Think, Plan and Structure

Structure your Dream Book into different sections. You need to create sections that links to your personal interests. For myself, I went for:

  • Inspirations – Meaningful quotes in line with travel, entrepreneurship, photography, health, dreams, mindset, giving back, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship – Business goal, future business ideas, Personal branding, contribution and public relation.
  • Networking – List of people I will meet this year: leaders in my industries, advisors, mentors, idol
  • Travel – Amazing places to explore, adventure to live
  • Photography – Shoots I want to do, Landscape I want to capture, Where I want to publish my work
  • Long-term Dreams – My vision/purpose of the future on 1 year, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 and even 30 years
  • Well-being/Happiness – Anything to boost my body to the next level, learning for my physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Personal – new things i want to learn and achieve like a language, sports, skills, habits
  • Friends & family – people I want to be surround with, things i want to help love ones with
  • Books – List of of books I want to read and space to note core ideas in them

Step 3 – Stick the best images

Google for high-resolution photos or go on free stock photo website like Unsplash. Print, cut and glue them on the respective goal page. List down your main goals as titles and put a due date. 

Step 4 – Decorate, Draw, Make it beautiful

Be creative with your Dream Book, decorate the whole thing. Leave some blank pages in each section to write future ideas.  I suggest watching this TEDxTalk below about drawing your vision to help you achieve your future goals. And here’s another video about Jim Carrey on how he visualized becoming the man he is today. Also this video of Oprah talking about “The Secret” that fairly summarized the concept of the Law of Attraction.

Visualization helps you on being focused on who you want to be. Just like any investment, everything takes time, commitment, hard work and love poured into it. Watch your dream book every morning out of the bed and every night before going to sleep, this is a recipe for success. Be who you want to be. See it, Believe it, Act on it.